HumiliationPOV - Princess Mabel’s Micropenis Sissy

Added: 02-04-2020

What is that? Is that a little dicklette? LOL! It’s so tiny. I don’t know why they didn’t just chop it off when you were born and raise you as a girl. You love dressing up as a woman anyways, don’t you sissy? You’re better off that way. Even with all the testosterone treatments available or surgery, nothing could fix that little thing that you call a penis. It’s a micro penis. And I know that tiny penis is just so easy to tuck into your panties, isn’t it? And you love wearing panties, it feels so natural.
You can wear any kind of panties you want and no one would ever notice that tiny thing. You just tuck it in and tape it up and it’s like you never had a little dick in the first place. LOL! Give in and just live as a little sissy girl. You can dress up in cute little outfits any time you’d like. You know you want to. I’ll even help you.
We can put make up on you and make you look really slutty. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d love to play dress up with Princess Mabel while she puts pink lipstick on you and laughs at what a stupid little dick sissy you are LOL! I know you’re getting so aroused just thinking about it, aren’t you? Thinking about your new life as a sissy girl. That little cocklette is useless. It’s a micropenis. Look at that word, micropenis, it’s an actual medical term, and you fit the exact description.
Just give in all the way and be my little sissy. I’ll train you on how to be a pretty girl and maybe you will actually be pretty as a woman. Though I highly doubt it LOL! But either way I want you to get into the practice of dressing up and putting on makeup every single day. And just tuck that micropenis into your panties, just forget about that useless little thing. You won’t need it ever again. No more touching it. Nothing. You are going to be my little sissy and sissy’s have little clitties and not microdicks. You are going to abandon all hope of ever being a man because that thing is never going to get any bigger no matter how much you stroke it. So the only thing for you to do is to live life as the woman that you were meant to be.

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