HumiliationPOV - Princess Kendi Olsen - Bye Bye Brain

Added: 04-04-2020

Princess Kendi Olsen! You will hear Kendi’s voice echoing ‘Bye Bye Brain’, over and over again throughout this clip as your brain melts, it will never let go of these words.
Relax, listen, and feel your brain begin to melt with my words. Allow that grey matter to drift away. Feel it leaking out of your ears, liquid and toxic, that poison draining from your body. Bye bye brain. Leave your real life behind. Let it all go. Thinking isn’t good for you. You’re too weak to handle making decisions. It’s so much easier giving me the reins, allowing me full control.
Your skull is empty. Bye bye brain. Bye bye. I will fill that head with useful thoughts. Feel it now. Feel yourself opening up to me. Let me in. Let me in your head. Feel me expand and fill up all that negative space. I am taking over your brain. You are brainless for me. I will replace your stress with my seeds and triggers. Let go of rejection and loneliness and fill your head with me and my words.
I will fill it with pleasure and lust. I will remove all of your negative thoughts and replace them with purpose. You will ache for me. Bye bye brain. Feel me taking over. Feel my power. This is my brain now. Your brain is my slave now. Don’t think, don’t worry, just let go and become compliant to my words. Life is so much easier when you’re a mindless drone.
Feel my influence, feel my presence, feel me deep inside of you. Feel me molding you. You love how this feels. You feel yourself drifting and floating, lost with only me inside your brain to guide you. It feels so good right here. Why would you ever want to leave this place?
You are no longer you. You are a vessel for me to fill. And I will fill it with my desires for this is my brain. You don’t think anymore with your brain. I think with it. And soon you will begin to think my thoughts. Your brain will obey my sweet voice that will forever echo in your mind. You are my pet now. You feel it. You are my mindless zombie. Sink deeper for me. Fall deep for me. You are mine and there is no where else you would rather be.

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