HumiliationPOV - Destructive High Heel Mindwash For Your Junkie Brain

Added: 08-04-2020

Miss Honey Barefeet! This clip contains binaural tones and a mesmerizing echo effect.
We both know about your dangerous addiction. You’re so hooked on high heels. You’re addicted to worshiping them. This clip will be highly destructive to your junkie brain. Maybe you shouldn’t even be watching it. But you couldn’t stop yourself, could you? My high heels are going to have a heavy impact on your weak brain. The more you watch this, the more you will be drawn in. Deeper and deeper into your fantasies about high heels.
You can’t resist. Just look at my heels. Stare at them. Become mesmerized by them. Just look at my shiny heels. They’re calling for you. They’re so sexy. You want to lick them and worship them. You want so badly to suck on them. You feel it. You cannot resist what is happening to you right now. You want to taste my feet and lick my toes after they have been in my high heels. Feel the mesmerizing power they have over you.
You’re getting more and more addicted to them. They’re fucking up your brain. Your brain is melting. My heels are turning you into an addict. You’re losing track of the borderline between fantasy and reality. But that’s ok, just let your mind wander. Jerk to my heels. Jerk to them as I dangle them before you. Feel your cock getting harder as you watch them dangle. You’re so fucked.
Look at my feet, and my toes as they dangle that high heels. Watch me caress them. It’s like a slow meditation where you can relax and indulge in your fantasy. Stare at my heels and listen to my voice and dream about being at my feet. Dream about where you belong, beneath my heels. You’re such an addict, totally under my control. As long as you listen and watch as I pose my heels I will continue to have so much power over you.
You’re being mindfucked and mindwashed by my heels. Feel yourself drowning in this addiction. You are a junkie for my heels. You’re such a weak addict, you can’t stop touching yourself to my high heels. You can’t get enough. You have an uncontrollable urge to worship my heels. You long to be my obedient foot boy forever. You want to be on your knees in front of me, stroking your cock, as I look down on you. Bow down in front of me and give in to your addiction. Beg me to let you worship my heels. Beg me to train you to be my foot slave. Beg to buy me more heels. You’re so fucked.

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