Princess Kristi - Masturbate for Your StepMothers Breasts

Added: 12-04-2020

Mmmm... honey, you woke step-mommy up with all of that moving around your doing. What exactly are you doing? Oh... I didn't realize... sweetie... are you... touching yourself right now? You were, weren't you?
Oh it's ok sweetheart. It's totally a natural thing for boys to get erections... especially when they were probably staring at their step-mother's breasts while lying next to her. Hmmm... it doesn't quite seem like you know how to do it though.
I think the best thing to do is to let step-mommy guide you and teach you the correct way of masturbating... it will help you and it will help me because I'd really like to go back to rest for a while and I can't with all of that moving you are doing!
So you go ahead and reach down there again. Grab your penis and do exactly as step-mommy tells you to do. Sure sweetie, you can look at step-mommy's big breasts while you are doing it. You are going to keep touching it until you ejaculate and after you do, we are going to cuddle up and get a few more hours of rest.

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