Madam Violet - Husband to Slave - The Choice

Added: 14-04-2020

It’s a few days after you managed to pass your wife’s test. Now it is time to decide whether you are going to be enslaved as a cuckold or used as a punching bag. Emotional pain or physical pain… you get to decide. Your wife has a lot to say on the matter, a lot of ideas which she enjoys sharing with you. Just so you can make a more informed choice. She tells you to stroke as she plays with your drill, your Stanley ‘Tool of Torment of torment;, her metal meat thermometer…she also pulls out a strap-on. It’s other men’s cock in your wife’s ass, or CBT! As you stroke she talks through your cuckold choice, chastity, lots of cum eating, no orgasms, total emasculation and humiliation…or you can choose to keep your wife to yourself and instead allow her to use your body as she wishes, cutting, branding, burning. She’d start slow, make sure that the PAIN became pleasure…both options sounds so good… You are scared and exhilarated, you are not sure which path to choose, pain seems too much but no more orgasms seems impossible…she looks so HOT with that drill, yet that bog beautiful cock looks so right in her hands…your wife tells you not to overthink, instead she will count you down and as the hot cum spurts out of your dick, your decision comes flying out of your mouth…ready…?!

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