Brookelynne Briar - After Hours Office Fap

Added: 17-04-2020

You and your co-worker find yourselves alone in the office working diligently after-hours to put the finishing touches on a huge project. With the deadline nearing, your co-worker suggests that the two of you take a quick break to re-charge. You agree – not just because you are fried, but also because it will give you a chance to get to know your co-worker a bit more. She has always been a bit of a mystery to you. You have noticed her fluffy tail peeking out from under her skirts and have wondered what else she may be hiding down there. Your co-worker seems to be wondering the same thing about you – as she suggests you both de-stress by masturbating together. “The first one to cum has to buy coffee tomorrow.” she jokes, pulling up her skirt to not only reveal her adorable tail, but also a huge cock! You are taken aback for a second, but find yourself strangely aroused as she begins to stroke it. She undoes her blouse to free her small, perky breast and sets the stroke pace which you do your best to match. She is a master at edging and you do find it a bit tricky to keep up, especially when she bends over to show off her juicy ass and sexy tail. You manage to hold your own however, and as she counts you down to orgasm, she cums with you, declaring a draw. Looks like the two of you will need a rematch in the near future.

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