JaniraWolfe - Chat Roulette: Pandemic Edition

Added: 27-04-2020

HIS AND ALL OTHER GLOBAL PANDEMIC SPECIALS WILL REMAIN AT THIS LOW PRICE UNTIL THIS IS ALL OVER. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THOSE IN NECESSARY PROFESSIONS THAT ARE HELPING OTHERS THROUGH THIS TIME. TO EVERYONE ELSE, PLEASE STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY! SENDING LOVE AND A REMINDER THAT WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! XOXO GODDESS WOLFE It's been weeks of global social isolation, and people are becoming desperate for ways to connect with other human beings. So desperate, that the previously horrendous app, Chat Roulette, is back with a pandemic edition, to help those who are alone connect with other, completely random strangers, who are also alone. you are far too nervous to turn on your camera... or even your microphone... but you've also been lonely for far too long to not at least see who you might come into contact with... you finally muster up the courage to sign in to Chat Roulette: Pandemic Edition, and the first person you're connected with is this beautiful, sweet looking Woman, who doesn't mind at all that you've chosen to remain completely anonymous. In fact, She kind of enjoys not knowing who's on the other side, given Her exhibitionist nature, and all... Then She shows you what it is She likes to exhibit... Turns out, keeping your camera and microphone off was absolutely the right choice, because you'd never have been able to handle the embarrassment of being so obviously, instantly, turned on by the Woman's giant futa cock! Thankfully, the Woman on the other side of the screen is a pro, and can sense your libido rising anyway, letting Her know you're ready to enjoy the show. She then proceeds to stroke Her cock, while She tells you about how She grew Her magical futa cock... and then jerks Herself off while describing the fantasy She has of dressing you head to toe in a latex suit, so you can maintain your anonymity... and then cutting two holes; one around the mouth, and one around where any other holes would be... As you watch and listen, you feel things in your body, mind, and soul, that you've never felt before. The completely random Woman, with the giant futa cock, on the other side of your screen, blows your mind and brings you to fruition, giving you the best experience (virtual or otherwise) of your life... and then just moves on to the next... leaving you alone, again, with just the memory of Her.. and this video to watch over and over whenever you feel lonely ;-) **No gender specific words are used when referencing the viewer** Buy for the incredibly sexy futa/futanari clip, incorporating elements of dirty talk, objectification, queer porn, bisexual encouragement, masturbation, and of course ending in a cum countdown for Me to blow My load, and you to cum with Me!

Bi-Sexual, Futanari
Big Cumshot, Bisexual Encouragement, Cock Worship, Cum Countdown, Futa, Masturbation, Queer,

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