Madam Violet - PANACEA

Added: 27-04-2020

A classic that you need in your collection. Perfect trance and pure pleasure. A soothing reset of body and mind. A panacea for your cock, psyche and soul. Of course as always I manipulate, but I do not humiliate. I am sweet and encouraging, incredibly seductive, erotic, gently dominating, I want you to feel like you can LET GO with Me, only with Me because I want you to NEED ME. Only Me. This is a safe place, this is a retreat and escape from the world and all the stressors in it. It is only natural you as a man seek solace and safety in the charms of a strong beautiful Woman. I have what you need, I can create a place for you where you can be vulnerable, weak, surrendered and yet still safe. Seen and understood. I can make it so that…Nothing feels as perfect as being lost in My thrall, lost in My body…bound by my power. Empty mind, full cock, just you and Me. All you have to do is relax STROKE and listen to Me, I use My mesmerising powers to take all your problems all your worries all your bodily tensions and channel all of it into your cock. Leaving your mind empty, body so loose, relaxed and your cock so HARD and full. When I allow you to cum all of it will exit your body and mind. Leaving you renewed, revitalised… …Leaving you so very very dependant on Me and this perfect state of BLISS and SURRENDER I give to you.

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