HumiliationPOV - Fuck Quitting, Let’s Get Reckless With Your Addiction

Added: 30-04-2020

This mesmerize clip by Kendi Olsen includes audio and visual effects!
There’s no need to feel guilty when you r e l a p s e. After all, addictions are notoriously difficult to kick. You can’t just go cold turkey. No. You need to ease yourself off of this addiction. You need to come to terms with the fact that quitting femdom is a huge loss. Quitting it is going to devastate you. It’s like a break up except so much worse. So I’m going to ease you off of this addiction.
I could make it easy on you and tell you to fuck off and block you, and help you quit forever. Or, I can let you down easy. Tell you to stroke to me, one final time. A soft, sensual breakup. And then you’ll quit. You’ll never jerkoff to me again, no matter how tempting I look. No matter how badly you miss me and ache for me. And you will. You know you will. You’ll lay awake at night thinking of me. Remembering all those clips that got you off.
But this is for the best, isn’t it? You really need to quit femdom. You don’t like being an addict. You want me gone from your life. And so I’ll leave, I’ll never talk to you again, I’ll never answer another email, fuck I’ll even block you from tributing me, I won’t even take your money. I’ll allow you to dump me so hard that you’ll never be allowed to come crawling back.
Unless, we rethink this. You can take it all back. Rather than quitting me, you could recommit to me. You could start stroking that cock to me again and we could talk about you quitting in let’s say six months from now. Why give up something that makes you feel so fucking good, when your life is currently so fucking boring? Yes, I knew you’d agree. I knew you weren’t ready to quit. I know you. I’ll know when you’re ready to quit, but now is not the time. Right now you’re so horny, you need to jerk off for me. Fuck quitting. Let’s get reckless. You can’t leave me. Not when things are so good.
You fucking need me. Stroke pet, stroke that eager addicted cock. Show me that you’re not ready to quit. You love this too much. How could you give up the one bright spot in your miserable existence? That’s right, you can’t. You fucking need this. You see not all addictions are bad, this is the best thing to ever fucking happen to you. Stroke it you dumb addict little loser. I own that cock. Don’t you ever fucking think of quitting. Any time you try, I’ll reel you right back in.
You can try to quit, delete my clips, block me on twitter, but quess what, you’ll always come crawling back. You’ll spend some many nights awake and lonely and aching for me, that you won’t be able to resist. This feels too fucking good! I’m your d r u g and you’re fucking hooked. You’re nothing but a pathetic little junkie and I’m your fucking dealer. You can’t leave, you’re in it for life. It feels so fucking good to stroke and be an addict. You’ll never break this addiction. You don’t even want to. Now cum for me and reinforce that addiction. Make it stronger, make it deeper. You’ll never escape. You’re too hooked.

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