Macy Nikole - After A Date With Macy

Added: 30-04-2020

You and Macy come back after going out for drinks and fun. You guys start to get really flirty, and things start getting hot. Macy wants to move things to the bedroom, but is eager to see your penis. She tells you to drop your pants, she wants to see your hard cock. You listens and unbuckle your pants, pulling them down to your ankles. Macy starts laughing at the sight of your small penis, “Did you really think you could please me with something that small? What did you expect to happen between us with a penis that small?”, she tells you. “There is one thing you are good for now,” she explains to you. Macy explains how she’s going to make you her human ashtray and air purifier since she smokes inside her house. She makes you kneel down in front of her, and open your mouth while she sparks up. Every time Macy needs to ash, she ashes in your mouth while humiliating you. You are also her air purifier, every inhale Macy takes, she exhales into, you, her air purifier. She doesn’t want her house smelling like smoke, so you are there to inhale her smoke and clean it before breathing it back out. After ashing in your mouth, and smoking in your face, Macy commands you to lean back and open your mouth wide. She grabs an ashtray on her tables and dumps the contents into your mouth, making you swallow.

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