Hypnotic Natalie - Endess Gooning

Added: 05-05-2020

I noticed you did a relatively decent job the last few times I made you edge for me, so I think it’s time for us to push your limits a little bit more. Since you managed to go through my 20-minutes tease and the 30-minutes one too, you probably have an idea of what’s about to come next. That’s right – I’m going to make you edge for me for 40 minutes, this time. You know the drill by now – you get naked, play with your cock the way I ask you to, make sure you don’t cheat and follow all my instructions precisely, and I simply tease the hell out of you. Sounds fun? Haha I’m kidding, I don’t care what’s fun for you and what’s not – all that matters is that I enjoy myself and have fun. As long as you do as I say, I will go easy on you and try to be nice…it doesn’t always work out, but at least I try �� Good luck going through all the 40 minutes and don’t forget to send me a pic of your cum tribute as proof at the end. I expect not to have to remind you via messages that tributes are mandatory ��

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