Obey Miss Tiffany - Custom ; female led relationship

Added: 05-05-2020

While in t shirts panties and barefoot please! We’re in a female led relationship and unfortunately I’ve been a very very bad and disobedient boyfriend. You’ve put me over your knee and paddled me many times before but you think it’s time I deserve something much more serve, so you decide I need to be beaten with your belt buckle! Please be really really angry at something I did or didnt do! Make me assume my punishment position, naked, hands on the wall, butt stuck out, and beat me with that belt buckle hard! At least 100 lashes please! And then some more for good measure! I’m sobbing at this point so you decide to comfort me a little, but tell me that you I need to learn my lesson and that you’ll have to pound it into me. So you make me take the most humiliating position possible, reverse cowgirl with your strap on, and POV so the only thing I can see is the tops of your bare feet. Then you make me bend over as I’m coerced to ride you and suck on your beautiful stinky feet! and if you’re feeling extra sadistic please make me say “i’m your bitch boy” every time you paddle my bruised ass while i’m riding you =D

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