HumiliationPOV - Digital Addiction - You Just Can’t Quit Me, Can You Loser?

Added: 05-05-2020

Hey loser, look at you, stroking away already, you’re so pathetic. I know you can’t get enough of me. You’re so fucking addicted. You worship every inch of me. My perfect body, my sexy stockings, and my high heels. And I know you’re already worshiping my sexy ass with your cock in your hand. But this ass is for real men, and controlling you, idiot. You’re getting so horny already, just look at that dick twitch. It’s so easy for me to control you once you’re horny and stupid. You’re just a stupid fucking loser. You’re so addicted to me, it’s pathetic. Always lurking on my feeds, my sites, my stores.
You’re so addicted to me that you check every day to see when I’ll be releasing a new clip. You can’t get enough of my tight little body and my bratty attitude. No one does it for you like I do. You’re completely obsessed with me. So go ahead and worship me, get on your knees and just indulge in me. Go ahead and stroke, I know you’ve been waiting so long for this.
I want you to stroke as much as you want because I want to remind you how addicted you are and I how I have you wrapped around my little finger. And no matter how much you try and quit, you’re just going to r e l a p s e into your addiction for me every time I come back with a new video. Teasing and tormenting you with my perfect body and my bratty words. You can’t resist me, can you loser? All I have to do is give you the loser sign, or flip you off and your cock just twitches uncontrollably, lol. You’re so fucked idiot!
You are addicted to being controlled and humiliated by me. You just can’t resist me. There’s no point in trying. You thought that maybe, you could get over me, but you can’t, can you? Look at you, you’re just as pathetic as fucking ever, paying me to jerk off to my videos. You’re my loser and that’s never going to change, ever. So you might as well just give in and enjoy your addiction. Enjoy this r e l a p s e.
You are my puppet, you are my little jerk slave. You can’t resist me idiot. We both know it. As much as you may try and resist, you will always fall back into my trap. Now make a worship puddle for me and then thank me, thank me for fucking up your life loser.

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