Goddess Madam Violet - The Path

Added: 10-05-2020

want you LIE back and relax to this one slave, all you have to do is listen and I’m going to tell you a story That’s all is really, stories that elicit emotions and trigger reactions. In this story I take you walk along a path, A beautiful sandy path that curves down and down towards the sea. I guide you down and down this path, using the story to deepen your trance. Causing you to feel the warmth of that sun, the gentle breeze on your skin, and still you walk down and down. So peaceful here, leaving everything behind, travelling down and down to to a secluded cove, the sound of the sea getting closer, your muscles are tired now, you feet hot you want to just LET GO. Continuing the story deepens this wonderful feeling, deepens the trance. Soon you’re naked and basking in the glorious warm sun, feeling the warmth ALL over your body, you begin to stroke, and it feels AMAZING. No one here, just you, legs spread beating your cock in absolute ecstasy… Until before you, your Goddess appears, perfect in Her nakedness. turning something inside of you to liquid…I have plans with your mouth, I want to fuck your mouth. Straddling you I ride you hard and deep, My juices running down your throat your body bucking beneath Mine as you struggle to breathe, GOD you’ve NEVER felt so ALIVE. Stroking your swollen cock so close to cumming, I take you to the edge and remove Myself from your body and ORDER you to stare into My eyes as you cum, as you LOSE all CONTROL and CUM all over your body, all over your chest, hopefully your face. SPRAY yourself with that salty cum slave, BASK in the sticky manifestation of you complete lack of control…good boy .

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