Goddess Madam Violet - Serum V

Added: 11-05-2020

Super fucking hot, super dea dly. you wake up inside a cage, with your therapist in front of you. Disorientated, she calms you down by putting you in a relaxing, obedient trance.As you you listen intently, she tells you that her experiments have finally worked; years of trial and error, hundreds of de ad men, FINALLY I have success and it is all because of YOU! When you came for your session this morning I put you into trance and command you to follow Me home, then I undressed you, CAGED you and injected My serum into your fat juicy vein, and you SURVIVED!!You are confused and terrified but so HORNY and HARD.Then you hear it. HER voice inSIDE your head, clear as day, a slow smile spreads across her face Yes, we are psychically linked, I have a direct line to your BRAIN. I can communicate with you telepathically ANYWHERE, at ANY time! She says all this without actually speaking. The fear inside you increases, as does your throbbing erection.Oh YES, a wonderful side effect of the virus – it has somehow connected my voice to your DICK, the more you hear it, the HARDER you get. Oh and, you should know, are compelled to OBEY. You simply cannot resist, your subconscious is programmed to SURVIVE, and I have programmed it to KNOW the only way to do that is to OBEY.Stroke that DRIPPING cock for Me. I am SO pleased with you, you DESERVE TO STROKE! But I must tell you, it MAY you, having an orgasm. Your body may not be able to take the stress. It is worth the risk dont you think? Worth expiring for Me, ALL so that I am one step closer to taking OVER the WORLD of men! AND if you survive, well, I have SO much planned for you, just think of what we can do together! you are so very precious to Me, The first of My zombie army, My Violet now cum for Me and lets see what happens.

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