Ashley Alban - School Bully Fucks You

Added: 11-05-2020

You’re surprised that the girl you have a crush on at school invites you over her house to study for an upcoming test. You’re especially surprised because she is much more popular than you are and she is a bit of a bully. But you agree because she’s so hot and has a sexy fit body. When you get to her house she immediately tells you that she didn’t invite you over to study. She explains that she was bored and wanted to fuck with the biggest loser in school. She laughs at you and says that she wants to make you her bitch. She tells you to get down on your knees to worship her. You obey. She says that she has seen you checking her out. She starts flexing for you and asks if you like her muscles. She tells you that she is probably so much stronger than a wimpy like you. She tells you that you have to do whatever she says or else she’ll kick your ass at school so everyone knows you’re a bitch.
She tells you to get all the way down on the ground and makes you worship her filthy sneakers. She even puts the toe of her sneaker in your mouth and makes you make out with it. She decides that she wants to do something else and picks you up off of the ground and pushes you against the wall. She says that you’re so little and light, she could probably lift you with one hand. And so, she grabs you by the throat and lifts you up off of the ground. She laughs about how much stronger she is, showing off by flexing as she holds you up. She notices that your dick has grown hard, so she bets she can make you cum just by rubbing you through your pants. She begins to rub your cock while still holding you up, taunting you and calling you names. You cum quickly and she says that she has another surprise for you. She goes and grabs her strap-on and makes you suck it for a bit while she tells you how she is going to fuck your ass. She then lifts you up again and slides her dick in your ass. She fucks you hard, destroying your asshole, officially making you her bitch.

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