Princess Miki - Keep Gooning, Keep Edging, Keep Giving

Added: 12-05-2020

Hey you. I kind of want to get to know you. Yeah, you. I wanna know a little bit more about you. What you like to do… other than jerk off to me. Because that’s the only connection I have with you. You paying me to jerk off to me. What are your hobbies? Do you have any? You don’t, do you? I already knew that. Why would I be interested in anything about you, other than your money? You’re so addicted to jerking off. Touching your little dick is your drug. You’re a little goofing loser. You could sit there for hours, touching your little dick to my sweet voice, my pretty face… for hours… not letting yourself cum. Edging the day away. Is that what you want to do today? Goon? Be a little gooning loser? Jerking your little cock all day, all night? I want you to do that. To jerk and jerk and jerk despite the fact I find it disgusting. Do you know why? Because it makes you my little. Brainless. Puppet. Every time you get horny, every time you engage in one of your goofing sessions where you edge and edge and edge and edge… you become a little stupider. A little bit more easy to manipulate. Because you’ll do absolutely anything when you’re horny, and that’s to my benefit. You want to pay me more when you’re horny. You want to buy more clips. You want to tribute me. And your nasty little habit makes me rich. So come on… keep touching that little dick of yours. It feels so good doesn’t it? You don’t want to cum yet because it feels so good. You could watch me all day and all night. Jerk for me. Edge for me. And don’t you dare cum. Keep going, I dare you. Make your brain stupider for me. Your cock, which I own, owns you. I do things to you that you wish I didn’t do. But I can’t help it, and neither can you. Keep gooning. Keep edging. Keep giving. Watch this over and over again.

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