Princess Miki - Findom Addiction Therapist-Fantasy

Added: 15-05-2020

You schedule an appointment with a sex thera pist, hoping to discuss the steps toward curing your findom addiction. You’re particularly addicted to sending to Me, and you’re desperate for a way out.
You step into her office, and you see a familiar face… the face of the Woman who had put you in this situation to begin with. You’re baffled since you did make an actual appointment with a licensed thera pist. Are you seeing things? Does your thera pist happen to look just like Me?
I assure you that you indeed are sitting in front of Me, Princess Miki, not a mere lookalike. I explain that My money goes a long way… and since I heard you were planning an escape from Me, I generously paid your therap ist to let Me use her office during your scheduled appointment.
This is the ultimate test. Can you resist your urges in My presence? You already made the step towards recognizing that you have a “problem.” But when temptation is right in your face… can you say no?
I tell you to take out your phone since you know My payment methods, and I instruct you to send specific amounts as I tease you with My sexy body in lingerie. If you can resist, great! You are on your way to recovery. If you can’t… well, looks like you’re fucked.
This is going to be one hell of a test.
Eventually, you’re going to be so desperate to cum, but you will have to humiliate yourself one last time, first. You will get on your knees, kiss My shoes, send one more time, and cum all over the floor.

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