Goddess Christina - Denim Junkie Encouragement

Added: 27-05-2020

Custom request. No name used. Request: Sensually tease and mindfuck me with your body in tight jeans, until either I cum hands-free in my pants prematurely or I am to suffer with aching denim-blue balls. It's just like seeing sexy women in jeans in everyday life and being coerced to endure the seemingly innocuous tease right in front of me, no touching or stroking allowed--except of course with a goddess like you the tease becomes far more intense. So I have to try desperately not to touch, not to embarrass myself by cumming prematurely while you continue to torment and egg me on, knowing it is the only way I am allowed to release all that pent up arousal. And throughout the process you melt my mind and train me to be even more mesmerized, submissive, and horny for sexy denim goddesses. No findom and light humiliation at most -- you should absolutely tease me with how weak and desperate and addicted and trapped I am in my fetish, but nothing overly degrading or insulting. Keep it dominant, but sensual. You obviously already know how to tease in your tight jeans given your past clips, so basically just more of that would be great. Strutting around, swaying your hips and teasing with your sexy ass, legs, and crotch snugly wrapped in denim. If you could possibly mix things up a bit with a lower camera angle, like I'm gazing up at you towering over me, that would be fantastic as well. I love seeing not just how the jeans fit the shape of your body but also the texture of the denim fabric itself, so wear jeans that show it off well and tease up close to the camera so we can see all the little details. I'm not super picky about the exact jeans you wear but for what it's worth I think my favorites were either the ones from Blame the Jeans or Blue Jeans Bliss.

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