HumiliationPOV - Degrade Yourself For Me, You Disgusting Cum Eating Stroke Zombie

Added: 29-05-2020

My good little stroke zombies are always so eager to stroke for me. You’ve already got your dick out, you love jerking for Princess. But if you want to jerk to me today, you’re going to have to do something for me because I’m sick of you jerking to my clips all day and getting nothing in return. So if you want to jerk today, you’re going to have to eat it. I want you to eat your own cum for me. I want you to be a disgusting little cum eating freak. And I know that you’ll do anything I say when you’re horny.
Once that dick is nice and hard for me, you’ll do anything I say, isn’t that right little jerk zombie? And I’ll even be nice and let you decide how you want to eat it. You could jerk off into your hand and lick it all off, you could drink it out of a glass and slurp it all up, or maybe you’re a bit more experienced and you want to lay on your back and jerk it into your face and lick it all off. Maybe you can get on all fours and oink for me like a little piggy and just jerk your dick and bring your face down and blow your load right into your face LOL! Doesn’t that sound like fun?
I don’t really care, I just want you to degrade yourself as much as possible while you eat your cum. I want you to eat your cum for me in the most disgusting way you can think of. You’re going to eat it and you’re going to love it loser. So take your cock and jerk it to me and think about how hot it’s going to be when you eat it for me. Think about slurping it all up while you look into my eyes. And I don’t care if you lick it up or blow it all on your face and lick it off, I just want you to feel so fucking pathetic when you’re done.
I know your cock is throbbing in your hand as you jerk and think about how you’re going to eat your cum up. You’re stroking so fast just looking forward to eating our own cum. You’d do anything to jerk for me. Look at you, you’re just jerking your dick, you’re like, ‘Oh Princess, I just can’t wait to eat my own cum for you. I want to lick it up just for you Princess.’ LOL! I’ll bet you’re so close to cumming already. You want to be such a good jerk zombie for me by eating your own cum. Do you wanna blow your load loser?
I know you want it. So get ready loser, I’m going to count you down to your loser explosion so you can eat it all up. I’m sure you already know by now which method you’re going to use to eat your own cum. Now cum loser. Look at that load, slurp it up idiot. LOL! I’ll bet that was so humiliating, but you loved it, you love humiliating yourself for me. And I know you can’t wait to watch this clip over and over and over again, trying all the different methods of cum eating.

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