HumiliationPOV – Mind Bending Chastity Tease, Oops It Looks Like Your Brain Just Broke – Locked Dick, Hypnotic

Added: 07-06-2020

Do you like chastity or do you love it? Are you obsessed with it? Is it your passion? Now just sit there in your cage as I tease you with my ass, and then you notice that there is a key pressed up against my ass, in between my skin and my pantyhose. Then notice another key by my pussy, you can see it pressed against my inner thigh under my pantyhose. If you’re serious about chastity and you have a cage and you have a lock, then you know the importance of not losing the key. But will you pick the right key if given the choice? Is it in the front or the back?
So my lost little brain d e a d puppet, you look so cute in that cage, but I know you want it off. But you get one choice and one choice only. Where is your freedom? Is it by my pussy or my ass? Lol it looks like your brain just broke. Put your hand on that cage. What if you get it wrong? Just in case you get it wrong and I have to make you keep that cage on for a long time, stroke your caged cock for me. Stroke it harder. I wanna see you work yourself up to a nice little throb. Get yourself really excited. Because I think you’ll think a little clearer and guess a little better if you’re more turned on. Jerk off for me in your cage, get yourself nice and aroused for me. I’ll bet your odds for guessing right will go up.
Maybe I’ll give you a little hint. Or maybe by watching you play with your little caged cock will get me a little excited and I’ll completely forget which key it is. LOL! My little d a d d y has a broken brain. Lol that little look on your face. D a d d y’s got a broken brain.
You could hold me down and take both of your keys and even have your way with me. But then I wouldn’t play your little games with you, would I? And I know how much you like it when I come up with these fucked up games we play. So tell me d a d d y, what’s your choice going to be? The front of me, on my knees, is that the view of me you like? Or the back, near my ass? Now what type of person am I, would I put it where you want it? Will it be the place that you expect or the place you wouldn’t expect? I love playing with your brain like this. Maybe you’re expecting me to put it in the front because we both know that you like it there, but then why wouldn’t I put it in the back when I could really just put it in the front? So where is it, is it in my pussy or my ass? You gotta pick one, it’s not like you’re gonna cum but I really do want you to get unlocked this time d a d d y.

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