HumiliationPOV – Psychoanalyst Manipulates High Heel Obsessed Client – Manipulation, High Heels

Added: 09-06-2020

I’m glad you’re here on time, go ahead and take a seat. So why are you here again? Oh I see you have a weakness for high heels and feet. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not that uncommon. A lot of men develop this sort of fetish for high heels and feet at an early age and it just sticks with them. It’s quite normal. But I guess you felt that it was out of control enough that you needed to come to t h e r a p y. So what makes you think that? Have you started to do questionable things just to look at women’s feet? You have? Like what?
So you sneak glances whenever you can. When you sneak these glances at high heels or feet, how do you feel? It arouses you? I see, so it’s consuming you. So this has been going on for years now has it? And it’s only getting worse, isn’t it? Look into my eyes when you answer, don’t start looking at my heels. They’ll be none of that here. Well let’s see, there’s no medication that I can give you that will cure you of this. There is no known cure.
But I want you to try a little exercise with me. Instead of thinking about this obsession that you have with women’s high heels as a burden, I want you to think about it as something good. Try not to feel embarrassed by it as it is quite normal. Now if I were to dangle my heel would your brain turn to complete mush? Oh yes, it does, I can see that, and now you’re focused on my heel. And you know women look for that kind of focus in a man. Have you ever thought about not having normal relationships? And maybe only being in a relationship with a dominant woman? Yes? I see.
So let’s say the domme, or the t h e r a p i s t, were to have very sexy high heels, like me. Now keep it professional, this is just an exercise, let’s say that she were to tease you by dangling her high heel. Oh I have your full attention now, don’t I? I think serving a dominant women with shapely legs is exactly what you need. If I were in your shoes, which is what I do with a lot of my clients, I would want to be underneath my feet. You see that way you would provide some kind of value while still being able to appreciate what you’re really interested in.
So what do you think about these high heels that I’m wearing? Do you like these? Let’s just go off the record for a moment? How badly would you want to worship my heels? How bad to you want to be under my perfect feet? Watching them, worshiping them, licking them. Look at you, you really do have a problem with this, don’t you? Remember what I said, make your weakness into a strength. Now I want you to be a foot slave for me. Now don’t be shy, remember, I’m not keeping notes any more. I want to be able to come into my office when my day is done and slip off my high heels and have my feet pampered. Would that be something that would interest you? Rubbing your t h e r a p i s t’s feet in exchange for more sessions?
More t h e r a p y sessions that is. Look at you, just as I predicted. You’re obsession with high heels is only going to lead you into bartering for things that you normally wouldn’t. All just to quench your desires. Luckily I’m willing to take your case. You can come in and rub my feet and we’ll be able to talk about it more. But that’s all the time we have now. It looks like you’re going to need to come back in soon.

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