Brooke Marie - Pregnant and Convincing the Principal

Added: 16-02-2016

This video was a custom request and the name “Principal” is used throughout. What was requested in his words: “You are a catholic schoolgirl who just got back from summer break. I call you into the office because the teachers say you’re being a distraction. When you get to my office I can see why. Though you’re trying to hide it, it’s obvious you’re pregnant. You enter my office wearing the typical red/black pleated skirt, white button down shirt and a sweater (trying to hide your growing belly) and sit down in a chair. I ask if you’re pregnant and you try to deny it but I tell you to take off the sweater and unbutton the bottom of your shirt. You submissively reply revealing your pregnant belly. I ask how you could be so big in only a couple of months. That’s when you tell me that you may have been a little naughty over the break. You went to church camp like a good girl, but snuck into the boys’ cabin and slept with every one of them…..and now you’re pregnant with quadruplets. You can hardly believe you’re just a sophomore and you have four growing in your belly. You know you’re in big trouble but you’re desperate for me not to call your parents…they don’t know. You can tell I’m not sympathetic so you try another route, you ask if there’s anything you can do to help me change my mind….anything (as you slowly unbutton your shirt all the way revealing a black push-up bra and a seductive side to you I have yet to see. You can see I’m interested in your offer from the bulge in my pants. You tell me you know I have a weakness for pregnant girls and they don’t come more pregnant than you. You rub all over your body asking me if I want to feel my cum inside your pregnant belly, then make me an offer I can’t refuse. You’ll continue if I cut you some slack and don’t call your parents. You get out of the chair and come closer and sit on your knees *unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock* (the camera is close-in on your belly and boobs now and can’t see your face at all). You slowly and sensuously suck me off while slowly rubbing your belly. I almost instantly lose control in your mouth and hear *gulp, gulp, gulp*(several VERY loud swallows). Your free hand holds the side of your stomach as you push out our belly as far as you can making it look even bigger like you swallowed a huge load. You sit back with your cheeks puffed out still full of cum and swallow the biggest gulp yet. You grasp your enormous belly and can’t believe how much cum you just swallowed, but it was so delicious you sit back in the chair and rub your belly telling me how good it feels to have so much cum inside you. You teasingly put your shirt back on and tell me you have to get back to class, and not to forget my promise or you’ll tell everyone what I did to you. As you leave, you wink at me and rub your belly and tell me you have a few more months to go and if you ever need a favor you know where to go.”

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