Princess Miki – Goon Bot Bait – Cocktease – Asian Princess, Gooner

Added: 19-06-2020

I look cute, don’t I? Unassuming, delicate and adorable. The pastel pink top, white tennis skirt and the matching socks with little satin bows — oh, and the pigtails! — are an extreme representation of who I was to you before you got to know Me.
I WAS the cute girl with a pretty face and nice body, who you thought could MAYBE coax you into doing some kinky stuff. Now look at you: you’re officially an addicted little goon bot, a mindless drone. You are My marionette… and I have access to the strings that control you: the strings attached to your cock, which is Mine too.
You never thought you could be so completely enslaved by a girl who looks this cute. A girl this charming.
Now you know it’s all just a guise. I was powerful enough to reduce you to My gooning slave, enslaved by your desires — which are dictated by Me — to touch yourself all night, every night, until you lose your mind.
I want you to lose your mind. I want you to be obsessed. I want you to be addicted. I want you to goon.
Get weaker for Me as you stroke to your demise. Get weaker for Me, knowing that this clip will only lead to the next one, and the next one, and the next one… just like every night.

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