HumiliationPov - Jade - Bbc Goon Loop, Let Your Bbc Addiction Grow Out Of Control - Forced Bi

Added: 27-06-2020

How is your BBC addiction going? We both know that you have an addiction for BBC and it’s growing stronger and stronger every fucking day, isn’t it? Your BBC addiction is getting out of control. You just want to goon to BBC every day for the rest of your life. Edge to BBC, stroke to BBC. There is nothing you need more than BBC in your life. Wouldn’t it make you so happy if you had one in your mouth right now? Yes it would, you’re so fucked.

You’re just want to be a BBC cock whore. You’re such a little faggot. Start stroking for BBC. You are such a BBC whore. Seeing those huge cocks makes you so fucking horny. And as you listen to me, your BBC addiction is getting bigger and bigger. You need BBC. You need to goon to BBC every day. You need to watch BBC clips every day. You can’t through a single day without thinking about BBC. You need it, you need it so fucking bad. You want nothing else. You love it. You love your addiction. It makes you happy. It makes you horny.

Feel the euphoria as you goon to BBC. Keep edging to BBC, don’t stop, completely fuck up your brain. Goon for BBC. Your purpose is to goon to BBC every day. BBC is the only thing you need. Big Black Cock is the only thing you crave. I know you want all your holes to be filled by BBC, don’t you faggot? Yes, yes you do. You need all of your holes to be filled with Big Black Cock.

Keep stroking to BBC. Goon your mind away for BBC. I want you to tell yourself that you have a huge BBC addiction. Say it out loud. Doesn’t it feel good to say it out loud? Admitting it just makes it more real. You love BBC. You need BBC. It’s the only thing you can get off to. You fucking need it. You are a BBC whore, a BBC slut. You don’t want white cock, BBC is so much better. You need BBC. No white cocks, only Big Black Cocks. You know it’s the truth. You don’t want anything else.

You are a BBC addict. Now clear your mind and listen to my voice. You are here to be enslaved to BBC. You are here to serve a black man’s cock. Your only job is to make him cum. It’s not about you, it’s about him. You are here to submit and become a BBC slave. You are a BBC faggot. You are a cock hungry BBC whore. There is nothing you want more. Suck BBC for me. Stroke your cock and suck BBC. You are a faggot. All you want is BBC in your mouth. You are such a slut, a slut for BBC. Keep gooning. Don’t fucking stop.

Your job is to goon for BBC. You know it’s the truth. I wouldn’t lie to you. Do you feel your cock throbbing as you stare at the cocks? Do you feel euphoria as you jerk to BBC? Watching this clip will remove all of your anxieties. It will make you happy. You have nothing else to worry about. A BBC addiction is the only thing you need in life. You are a slave to BBC. You are gay for BBC. Keep gooning to BBC. You are such a faggot for BBC. You being a BBC whore is the truth. You being a BBC faggot is your true identity.

Now repeat after me, ‘I am a slave to BBC.’ Good boy. You know how to be a cockslut, don’t you? Do you feel your BBC addiction getting bigger and bigger? Do you feel your cock getting harder and harder for BBC? Keep gooning. Don’t fucking stop. Keep edging. This is what you need, this is what you want. There is nothing else except your BBC addiction. You can’t help but goon endlessly to BBC, can you faggot?

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