HumiliationPOV - Princess Miki - Go On A Poppers Bender, You Stupid Self Destructive Brainless Junkie

Added: 13-09-2020

Look at you, you’ve already got your bottle in one hand and your cock in the other. So let’s get started, I want you to take two hits immediately. You’re such a little p o p p e r sniffing junkie, aren’t you? You’re a slave to that bottle and to porn. You wanna go on an all night gooning session, yet again, while high on the fumes of your favorite vice. I know you want to sniff and stroke for me all night like a little freak. You love being an addict, don’t you? So show me, prove to me how addicted, how fucked up you are by getting fucked up for me all night. And I mean it, I want you sniffing all night long. I want you to go on a fucking bender for me, sniffing and stroking all night, non stop. You’re going to keep your hand on your cock all night and you’re only going to take it off when you’re shaking up that bottle and sniffing. Got it, junkie?

And I’m not going to tell you when to sniff throughout this clip, no, it’s your job to take a hit every time you feel it starting to wear off. I want you to be at that peak p o p p e r s high all night, nonstop. You can jerk to my clips or your favorite porn, I just want you jerking and sniffing all night long. No going to bed, no, I want you on a bender. I know you want to get lost in that space where all you can think about is touching your cock and the porn on your screen. P o p p e r s really help you get lost. And you might get so high that you pass out a few times, you might black out from the fumes. You know this isn’t good for you and I know that too but I don’t give a fuck about you. I don’t care about your brain, well actually I do, I care about frying it permanently.

Make sure you keep sniffing my little loser junkie. Show me how much you love getting stupid for me. Stay high and horny, hand on your cock, tongue hanging out like a fucking freak. I want you to lose track of who you are, lose track of time, lose track of your identity. Right now you’re just my little stroke slave, my junkie. And you love it, don’t you. This feels better than your real life, this is your escape. So get lost, immerse yourself in the world of porn and p o p p e r s. You don’t want to get out of this trance, you want to stroke to brats and sniff all night. You want to actively destroy all of your brain cells all night long.

You wanna be controlled by the fumes and by me all night. You’re gonna goon for me. You love being controlled by your addiction. You love how that already stupid and fried brain of yours only gets more stupid and more fried. Don’t stop all night long. I want you going until you completely black out and when you wake up that bottle will be right there, and not only are you going to be reminded of all that you did to yourself, but you’re gong to pick it up and start again. You’ll keep going and going until your entire brain is gone. And that’s where I want you, I want you to become so stupid that this is the only thing that you’re capable of doing. Sitting at home and sniffing and jerking while you lose track of who you are.

Because when you’re a p o p p e r sniffing porn pig, you’re an ‘It’, aren’t you? Not a him, just a machine, pumping away, getting lost in the loop. And you love it. You don’t want an identity, you want to be stuck in the trap of pleasure and stupidity. Keep sniffing, don’t forget your purpose. You don’t want the high to wear off anyway, this is the highlight of your day. Jerking and sniffing is the highlight of your life. Abandoning responsibilities, abandoning your identity with that bottle. A bender for a junkie. And you love that you’re destroying yourself. You love that you’re fucking yourself over by frying what’s left of your brain. This is part of the addiction, isn’t it? It’s part of the appeal of p o p p e r s. Spiraling down deeper, down your own demise.

Don’t stop. You don’t want to stop. This is your purpose right now. This bottle is your purpose. You want to prove to me what an addicted loser you are. You want to impress me, don’t you? You want to be the biggest p o p p e r sniffing loser of them all and go all night for me because your dream is to become a brainless little porn pig. This isn’t good for you and that’s why you love it. God you’re so stupid. But this feels too good to stop. No thinking, just sniffing and stroking and getting lost, deeper and deeper down that never ending hole. And this is only feeding your addiction and ruining you but that’s what you seek out. So keep going, all night long.

– Princess Miki! –

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