Meana Wolf - I Want To Watch You Die

Added: 25-02-2016
Meana Wolf - I Want To Watch You Die

You were surprised when I came up to you at the office. I sat on your desk and said, "Well... Are you going to ask me out on a date or what?". You've been fantasizing about this moment ever since I started working at the desk down the hall. You've been staring at me for months. Wishing you had the balls to come and speak to me. But in your heart you knew that a loser like you would never have a chance with a girl like me. Lets face it. I'm the hottest chick you've ever seen, and you're just a chump. "S-s-s-ure", you stuttered. I rolled my eyes... "I'm coming over to your place tonight after work for a drink." You practically jizzed in your pants right then and there.
You were already drenched in sweat that night when I rang your doorbell. You still couldn't believe that I would ever be interested in even talking to you... let alone coming over to your place for a drink... a date. You've been ashamed of your inability to act on your feelings for months. You couldn't stop staring at me. A million times you thought about what my pussy might feel like... a million times you thought about asking me out... and a million times you thought about the humiliation and rejection that would follow any invitation of the like. You're heart raced. Could this really be happening?
"Nice place you got here... No I don't want a drink... I didn't come here for that...I want to have some fun with you!" I smiled.... You couldn't believe your luck. No romance? No begging... no wining and dining... I was there to fuck. Jesus Christ... You must have thought you'd won the lottery. I pulled out a set of black leather cuffs. "I'm kinky...I like to get crazy", I said. Whoah... that stuff is pretty outside your comfort zone... you've barely even slept with a girl never mind done weird kinky before. You play along. You would be so embarrassed if I found out how inexperienced you were... So what if you're not into it... I'm the hottest girl you've ever met and if you want it to happen you're going to have to do everything I want. You instinctively know this and allow me to cuff your hands behind your back. My hair brushes over your face as I lock your hands behind your back. "How does it feel to be completely powerless?", I whispered...
Eventually I remove your belt. You still think that this is going to be the best night of your life as I tell you how I'm about to suck your dick. But things start to take a different tone when I wrap the belt around your neck. You're nervous. You don't know me that well... What if I'm some crazy psycho? I tell you that you can trust me... but as I tighten the belt you know something is wrong. I tell you the real reason why I came over tonight. Because I'm sick of you're disgusting stares. You disgust me and you're the lowest, most pathetic, creepy loser I've ever seen. You're a pest and there's really only one way to correct you. I tell you how I've been fantasizing about your ever since I met you... and then I knew I wanted to you myself. You look into my eyes and you know that I am telling you the truth. "You're going to tonight", I whisper.

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