Madam Violet - Full EMPTY Happy

Added: 04-10-2020

The perfect male specimen is FULL in the balls and empty in the WALLET. And I love teaching this to you, it’s a practical lesson in wanking, worship, spreading open your wallet as I fuck your gaping mind. It is so satisfying to use your cock against you as I take full advantage of your sexual desire to SPEND. The hornier you get the more you want to spend, it’s always the same.

Kneel, strip. Place your wallet on the floor before Me. And get ready to obey every instruction. Breathe in deep as you gently squeeze your cock, breathe out as you release and LET GO. Covert trance commands, multilayered trance need to concentrate, but it’s so HARD. Between Me, your cock and wallet your mind is getting fucked goooood. Lessons need to be learnt - you cannot buy an orgasm from must earn it.

You will repeat the right words as you point your cock at your (My) wallet, then as you point your cock at Me. Your cock belongs to ME, crawl to Me SPREAD your wallet open literally, squeeze your cock as you breathe in and tell it “you belong to Madam Violet”. Your balls filling up as your wallet slowly drains..:STROKE, I want you EMPTY, I want you FULL. No cum all cash, full balls empty wallet....EMPTY it over and over and over again like the addicted slut you are. Practice makes perfect bitch.

File Name : 11___Madam Violet - Full EMesdryhfghppy
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Duration: 00:20:44
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