Tall Goddess Gia - Big Flip Flops For You - Giantess

Added: 10-10-2020

You’ve disturbed the dreaming of your girlfriend Tall Goddess Gia, and without making her breakfast – she’s starving. You fucked up.. her big beautiful hands reach up and slip a pill in your mouth giving you no time nor state of mind standing before her beauty to protest. When all of a sudden you feel a tingling sensation all over, you tremble as you feel your body shrink slowly before her eyes.. you’re now a tiny man, about an inch tall.. perfect size to toy with. She teases you in the palms of her hands, rolls you around in her fingertips, sniffs and licks you.. but she’s not done with you yet.. slowly you shrink even smaller as you gaze up at her.. centimeters tall, you’re nothing more than a little snack for her to scarf down. She picks you up, plays with your itsy bitsy body.. before she devours you whole, swishes you around in her mouth, down her throat, resting in her belly for eternity.. while she goes back to that nap you interrupted. Includes: vore, giantess, giant, GTS, pov, tiny man, eating, femdom, mouth fetish, hand fetish, shrinking fetish, magic fetish.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Tall Goddess Gia, POV, Giantess, Tall Women, Goddess Worship, Shrinking Fetish, Vore, SFW

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