Princess Miki - Drench Your Mask With Poppers - Feel Your Brains Melt Out Of Your Head, Gooner

Added: 13-10-2020

You really are one sick fuck, you know that right? You want to find new ways to destroy yourself. You want to use your mask as some kind of sex toy, that’s how fucked up you are. You’ve really done some damage to that brain, what’s left of it. And that’s probably because of all the pøppers you sniff. You’re a little pøppers addict, aren’t you? And today I’m going to make you feel extra stupid. Extra mindless and extra horny. Extra dumb. And you want that don’t you? I know you do. So grab your mask and I’m going to turn you into the dumbest fucking pøppers sniffing loser ever. This is going to fuck you up for good. Now shake up that bottle and pour those pøppers onto that mask of yours. Soak it. Drench it. Now put it over your stupid fucking face.

I don’t even have to instruct you to take sniff out of this bottle because you are going to be constantly inhaling every time you take a breath, lol! You might even pass the fuck out, but I don’t care. This is going to make you so stupid and horny and completely fry your brain. With every fucking breath you get a hit. You feel extra dumb don’t you? Extra horny and I don’t have to do much at all. I can just laugh as you pump and pump in that pøppers induced stupor. Take deep breaths in. Good boy. Just get lost for me. Don’t take that mask off, just jerk and breathe.

Get dumber for me. With every breath you take you’re destroying more brain cells. But there really weren’t many left anyways, were there? It feels so good, doesn’t it? Just goon your brains out. Feel them melting out of your head as you goon to me idiot. Just keep breathing through that pøppers soaked mask. And if you ever feel as if the mask is getting dry or you’re not getting quite the effect, soak it again! LOL! Good boy. Now goon and get lost in masturbation bliss. Keep pumping that cock for me you fucking pøppers addicted loser. You’re doing this because you want to become permanently stupid for me, aren’t you?

You’re so stupid for doing this. This is literally destroying your brain. But the idea of soaking your mask in pøppers sounded so hot to you that you couldn’t resist. You wanted this. And now you’re more fucked up than you’ve ever been. You’re fucked up in the head. Keep gooning, goon to the fact that you’re doing this for me. God you’re so dumb. Only an idiot would do this to himself. This might fuck you up so bad that you’ll be t r a p p e d in this cycle of sniffing and jerking and it will become the only way you can get off.

You can’t think right now, can you idiot? No, all you can do is jerk. You’re so horny. It doesn’t even matter what I say right now, you probably can’t even comprehend me. I don’t even need to talk, just stare at my perfect body and jerk while you soak your brain with pøppers. This might be the last nail in the coffin for your brain. You’ll never be able to recover from this. This will take your pøppers addiction to a whole new level. You’ll probably never sniff pøppers any other way ever again. Keep breathing, keep stroking, and keep destroying your brain cells, zapping them one by one until they’re all gone. LOL!

Zap all of your thoughts one by one. You can’t think at all anymore. You’re just a mindless drooling gooning jerk drone at this point. Just stare and jerk, if you’re even capable of focusing at this point. You’re lost as your hand just methodically goes up and down like a little jerkbot. High as fuck. You’re not even thinking about cumming. You don’t want to cum. You just want to keep inhaling and gooning all fucking night. You wanna show me how dumb you can get. You want to show me how much of a pøppers sniffing idiot you are. Good boy. You’re going to do this all fucking night for me.

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