HumiliationPOV - Mandy Marx, Lucid Lavender - Chastity Dream Fuck - Are You Throbbing In Your Cage?

Added: 31-10-2020

I see you’re already locked up and ready to play. Are you ready to play with us? Then sit down on your hands. You get to watch but you don’t get to feel anything. Is your cock getting hard already? Is it pushing against your cage? Poor boy, you’re stuck. No pity fuck for you. You could never fuck one of us, or both. But we can fuck. All we want. Right in front of you. And with that locked up dick, you’re useless to women anyway.

Watch as we play with each other, as we fuck each other. Don’t you wish this was you? But it won’t ever be, you’re all locked up. You wouldn’t even be able to do anything anyway. But imagine if you could? Could you even get hard for us? Not caged. Would you be too scared? It doesn’t matter, all you can do is watch us fuck with that locked up cock.

While you’re sitting on your hands, look down at your cage. Sad and bobbing up and down as it twitches in its cage. Now take one hand and jiggle your lock for us. Now let it go and just watch us fuck as you throb harder and harder against your cage. You can really feel it now. Are you filling up that whole cage? Jiggle your lock. Jiggle it. You must be so hard in there. Can you even control yourself?

Now take your hand and stroke your cage. Stroke it. Imagine it’s my hand, but it won’t be. No matter how much you beg and plead there’s always going to be a little layer of plastic between you and me. Jiggle your lock for us. Sad, hard, perfect. Perfectly obsessed. My perfect dick prisoner. Your cock perfectly in place. Now watch us fuck.

Imagine if I could stick my tongue through your cage and lick your locked up dick, your little caged clit. You’re almost hard in your cage but you can’t get hard because you’re in your cage. Jiggle your lock. I’d jiggle it if you were here but your miles away and jiggling it yourself. Pathetic. Don’t stop. Jiggle. Just imagine you were here in front of us, on your chair, on your hands. Stuck in your fucking cage. It’s an anti fucking cage. You won’t be fucking me, you won’t be fucking her. We’re going to keep this on you and you won’t be fucking anybody. You can fantasize about this all you want but until you really feel it, you won’t know.

Just imagine Lucid sitting on your half hard caged cock and her tight body bouncing up and down, how wild that would feel. It would be too much for you and that’s why you need your cage. You need your cage for control. Someone has to watch over you at all times and there’s no way you could censor yourself. That’s why you need a strong woman, or two, keeping you in your place, keeping you caged and keeping you safe. Keeping you, we’re your keepers now.

You must feel like you’re ready to burst out of that cage. Stroke your cage. Are you gonna cum? You can’t, can you? Can you cum in there? You probably can’t on your own but you were in between you and I, well we could milk it out of your cage. Just imagine a chastity gang bang with all these caged boys. But not one of you would get fucked. It would be an anti gang bang. But that sounds like fun to us.

You’re lost. Stuck. Warped. Imagine how lost you would feel knowing that wouldn’t get your keys back while we fuck. You wouldn’t know what you’d have to do to get those keys back. But you’d have to do something alright. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Are you swelling in your cage right now? Is it keeping you safe? Is it holding you back? Good little caged boy. Nice isolated cock. Free from temptation, free from worry, no decisions to be made. Someone else has already done that for you. Someone else has a plan for you. A way to be. We’re waiting…

Let your addiction to Mandy Marx begin!

– Mandy Marx And Lucid Lavender –

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