Kaidence King - Shrunken man taunting - Giantess

Added: 04-11-2020

I’m sitting on a chair, reading “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman”, the first feminist text, written in 1792. I hear something and I look down and see you, a 2 inch tall man, standing on my floor. I crouch down to talk to you. You tell me that you’ve been living on the streets ever since you were shrunk, and you sneaked into my house for some shelter, warmth and maybe to steal some food from my cupboard. I am sympathetic. “Aww, I’m sorry. I know it’s been hard for most men, ever since us women got sick of men abusing us and took over the world by shrinking you all down to 2 inches tall. But that’s what you get. I know you may not be an evil abuser, but you are still inadequate and worthless compared to me.” I tell you how we decided to shrink all men down to 2 inches tall because that’s about how long our little finger’s are, and a man is worth as much as a woman’s little finger. I tell you how worthless men are and how amazing women are.

“I know, it’s a rough life being 2 inches tall. But hey, at least you haven’t been squashed yet. Millions of men have, so you’re doing well. Sometimes I even do it by accident!” I describe in detail how sometimes I accidentally step on men, and sometimes I do it on purpose. I show you my bare foot while I talk about effortlessly squashing you flat. I tease and taunt you with my foot, telling you how easy it would be to squash you. “You know what I love the most? Even though I have all this power over you, and you have nothing to offer me, you’re still desperate for me. For my body, my lips.” I say, teasing you. “You know you’ll never get that. The most you can hope for is that I take pity on you. Fingers crossed that I don’t squish you!”

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Kaidence King, POV, Giantess, Shrinking Fetish, Crush, Female Supremacy

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