HumiliationPOV - Princess Piper - MK Ultra Mind Eraser

Added: 05-11-2020

This video and audio have been made using sadistic MK Ultra techniques. To enhance the effects of the MK ultra programming, scientists used a variety of narcotics, we suggest using as many as possible to further enhance the mindwashing effects. The audio to this clip is a true mindwashing experience, be prepared to have you brain scrambled. Headphones are highly recommended.

I am going to erase your mind. Erase your brain. Your entire sense of self. The thoughts in your little brain are useless. So might as well replace them with whatever Princess wants. I’m going to put new thoughts into your brain. New beliefs. Your brain is so weak and easy to invade, easy to manipulate, easy to change. Be careful with me. I’m highly skilled at mindfuckery, at mesmerizing weak beta males. Whenever I’m on your screen you can’t look away. You find yourself relaxing, you find yourself sinking into me, into my words, my voice and my eyes, don’t you? Sink.

Stroke your cock for me. Up and down, up and down. When you stroke and stare, it makes you so malleable, so weak, so easy to mindwash. Just stare and stroke as I take you deeper down the rabbit hole. You will feel your brain melting away. Stroke, stroke, stroke. And as you pump and stare you start to realize that nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. You are a loser, a stroking loser and that’s all that matters in this moment. It all makes sense. You should live your life stroking it away. Yes. Feel my words implanting themselves deeper into your brain.

You’re a loser who’s going to stroke his life away. Feel my words penetrate your mind. You’re so lost, trapped in my gaze, trapped in my words, trapped with his hand attached to his cock. You can’t let go, can you? Doesn’t it feel good to just let it all go? Stroke for me as you listen to my words fill your brain with these new thoughts, these new beliefs. Just staring at your screen stroking for me, becoming a mindwash stroke zombie. And that’s all you can think about. Nothing else matters. You have no other thoughts. I am all that matters. This is all that matters. Just focus on pumping.

Now repeat my mantras in your head as you stare and stroke. ‘I only care about stroking.’ Stroke. ‘Femdom is all I need’. Stroke. ‘I am a mindwashed zombie’. Good boy. Aren’t you feeling so much better now? Knowing that you only have one purpose in life. Stroke it away. Jerk it away. All you can do is listen and be mindwashed by my words as you stroke away. Accept and realize that you are a stroke zombie who only jerks to femdom. Now what does your new existence involve? Stroking, stroking to femdom. Stroking to brats. Just stroking. This is all you need. Stare and stroke. Go deeper. Feel the mindwashing invade your brain. I am invading your brain, invading your thoughts. Planting triggers. Can you feel them? Can you hear them? It doesn’t matter, they are there, implanting themselves deeper and deeper.

You’re so easy to mindwash. I barely have to do anything. All I have to do is get you to stroke and stare and you will believe anything I say, won’t you? My words sink so deeply into your mind. I’m so powerful compared to your weak male beta brain. You’re lost. Hopeless against me. Your beta brain is so easy to implant triggers into. You are always going to be triggered by Princess Piper. Triggered by Princess Piper. Triggered to stroke for me. Triggered to remember that you are nothing but a stroke zombie with a weak loser brain. And that is why you can’t stop stroking.

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