Goddess Saffron - Yes Ma'am

Added: 11-11-2020

Oh My weak one, I have a wonderful long term task for you that will leave you ACHING for MORE. It will motivate you to get up in the morning and give your pointless existence real purpose. In this video I am not only going to be giving you detailed instructions on how you are going to carry out this task, but I am going to be describing the effect it will have on your mind and body.

You are going to become a disciple of Saffronism and Female Supremacy as a whole. As a Saffronist, you are going to receive instruction on how to address every female you encounter, including your language, your posture and composition. You will honour all women, so this will also apply to co-workers, bosses, and family.

Yet the time will come when your new behaviour will be questioned and this is when your true purpose will SHINE. You will express that you belong to Goddess Saffron, that women are the SUPERIOR gender and that you believe in and adhere to FemDom. This gives you an incredible opportunity to expound on the virtues of SAFFRONISM, FemDom and Me, your One True Goddess – Goddess Saffron. Additionally it’s an opportunity for new slaves to be recruited into the Empire of Goddess Saffron – SAFFRONISM.

I am also going to tell you how to keep a DAILY written log of your actions EVERY time you encounter a woman . However, as a disciple of Saffronism, do NOT think that this is an easy task, because in addition, there will be unannounced spot checks to monitor your progress. If My orders are not executed to My perfect standard and instruction, you will fall out of favour with Me, be penalized and risk discommendation or worse.

Also be ready for Me to remind you of exactly WHY you are My slave and exactly WHY you will always be a SAFFRONIST.

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