Madam Violet - GOON Yourself MAD For Madam Violet

Added: 24-11-2020

Are you ready slave? I don’t think you’re ready! To have your tiny mind blown? To lose your reality entirely to Me? Come and lie on the bed with Me, naked, vulnerable and ready to GOON yourself absolutely MAD for Madam Violet. 40 minutes of constant stroking, constant seductive mind fucking, layered vocal tracks, whispers, snaps, moans and groans. There is no rush, I want you to be lost forever in this cycle or mindless gooning, helpless stroking. Mesmerised into a state of surrender and then seduced until nothing of you is left, there’s just more ME, gooning every brain cell out the end of your cock in a constant stream of pre-cum. An overwhelming cacophony of My voice, My body, My face, My power, and your absolute destruction. I want you to lose all senses. All control. (I Just want you to know that Halfway through filming I needed to stop and have a wank, stroking My bare pussy has that effect. Three orgasms later I get back to work annihilating your consciousness.) Knickerless and DANGEROUS, My bare ass driving you insane, My round breasts pulling you deeper. GOOOOON! Drip, drop, throb, ache, stroke and SLIP even deeper down into mindless horny desperate oblivion. I want you trapped forever going round and round deeper every time. I want you to listen at least three times round, keep going until your body literally cannot take anymore, until the last of your liquified mind drools out of your red raw cock. GOONING yourself utterly mad for Madam Violet. You’re welcome bitch. Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, mindfuck, mind control, edging and gooning, sensual domination, Goddess worship, ass worship, pussy denial, topless, men following orders, love addiction, JOI, masturbation encouragement, female domination, femdom pov. Layered vocals, finger snaps.

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File Name : 11___Madam_Violet_-_GOON_Yourself_MAD_For_Madam_Violet
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 359 MB
Duration: 00:40:34
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 23.976 FPS, 967 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 265 kb/s



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