Kira Star - When I Smoke, You Stroke

Added: 05-03-2016
Kira Star - When I Smoke, You Stroke

Hey loser, I know you want to watch me smoke, it turns you on so much. You love it. I'm so sexy when I smoke and it makes your cock so hard. I know how hot I am, I know the power I have over you when I have a cigarette in my hand. Watch and jerk as I tease you with my cigarette in my hand. It looks so sexy in my lips. So we're going to play a little tease and denial game. When I smoke, you stroke, when I stop, you stop. Doesn't that sound like fun? I know I'm going to have you on the edge over and over again because I know how fucking sexy I am when I smoke. I know you're twitching and squirming with each drag of my cigarette as you drool over my goddess body, my sexy red lips, my gorgeous face, and long red hair. It's almost too much for you. I'm even going to ash my cigarette on you because that's what you deserve. You're nothing more than a jerking human ashtray. So mesmerized by my looks. Jerking and stopping for me, each time I smoke. So desperate, beg me to take another drag. You're my little smoking puppet. Are you ready to cum for me? Do you wanna watch me take one last drag from my sexy red lips before I drain your cock? Of course you do. Soon you'll be so addicted to my smoking. You'll be begging to pay me to smoke for you. I will be your new addiction loser. Maybe next time I'll let you cum in my ashtray and lick it clean.

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