Madam Violet - Autophagy - CEI

Added: 12-12-2020

I look so mind blowingly HOT in this clip that you will eat your CUM for Me – not only is My body and therefore My words irresistible, so is My reasoning, It’s time to kneel on the floor, take out your cock and get schooled! Autophagy; it’s science, bitch! Autophagy is a natural biological mechanism of the cells in your body. ‘It is the process by which deformed damaged defective and unwanted cells are destroyed or consumed by other cells in your body. It is a powerful self cleansing process. ‘Auto’ mean self and ‘phagy’ means eat. Self – eat. And that is what you are going to do! I am always here teaching you to be better, teaching you to do better and today is no exception. Wearing probably my most HOTTEST outfit to date I will place you into a light trance state and then I will encourage you to wank your cock with the sole purpose of ejaculating straight into your mouth. Even if you are a pro at CEI, even if you struggle with it, you will find it easy to swallow down your cum for Me. When I make you this fucking horny all you can do, is exactly what I tell you to do! Your simple weak mind cannot argue with My logic, it cannot argue with biology, it cannot argue with science! Swallowing down your ejaculate is the right thing to do, destroy those unwanted cells, eat yourself, save yourself. Guided with expert precision you will have no chance to escape, autophagy, your new favourite word, a delicious mouthful of cum your new favourite snack and Madam Violet your one True Goddess. Contains: female domination, Femdom Pov, sensual, domination, tit worship, goddess worship, mind fuck, mental domination, jerk off instruction, come eating instruction, topless, powerful woman, slave training, mesmerise, men following orders, ass worship.

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