Kaidence King - Matriarchal society JOI

Added: 16-12-2020

I walk wearing jeans, a black v-neck sweater and sexy lingerie underneath. I’m holding a clipboard. “Hello. you’ve been convicted under the Respect for Women Act for sexist behaviour. The judge must have been in a good mood. You could easily have got castration for this long list of serious offences. You might still if you are not cooperative. As an officer of the Gender Crimes Commission, it’s my job to decide if you should be imprisoned or given a course of behaviour Therapy-Fantasy. I strip off sensually, describing the Therapy-Fantasy and how it would reduce you to a trembling wreck of a man. But are you amenable to such Therapy-Fantasy? Let’s open your pants and have a look. “Oh good, everything I’ve just said and done has given you a raging hard on. Just one more thing, we need you to cum. And this is the last time it will ever be pleasurable for you, so enjoy it.” I start jerking you off (POV, no dildo), and telling you exactly what we will do to you. How we’ll kick you, Fisst you, beat you, use you as a toilet. Eventually I start encouraging you to cum for me. As you cum, I take my hand off your cock and beat your dick with my clipboard, laughing with sadistic pleasure. “Welcome to the program. Now put that worthless disgusting thing away and let’s get to work.”
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