Worship Amber - Let Ur Bully Know How You Feel Inside And Out

Added: 16-12-2020

Awe… your hair’s all wet… did the big strong bully give you another swirlie? Hahahaha . This is the 3rd time this week! Not to mention the wedgies and all the times he shoves his jock strap in your mouth and makes you keep it there infront if all the girls… wow you must feel, like, super humiliated, huh Dweeb? I guess you’ll always be a virgin!
Luckily, I can help… I learned all about this in my social studies class… it just means he likes you. Yea… he wants to dominate you cuz he likes you… How bout you just open up to him… and by open up… I mean your virgin little asshole. I’m sure all he wants is to stretch you out… turn you fag and laugh about how he fucked your over.
Why not wear something like this and ask him to dominate you inside AND out! Say “please sir take out your aggression on my ass instead of flushing my head in the toilet” … although that might give him a good idea to fuck your ass WHILE your head is in the toilet!
Princess Amber
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