Princess Violette - Sensual Control CEI

Added: 16-12-2020

this was a custom no names used
“You’ll have me drink a few large glasses of water, and wait until my bladder is full before resume. As your slave, start having me worship you, admire your beautiful face & body. I can touch myself though am not allowed to stroke, unless you tell so. You start teasing me, getting more&more aroused by your body, face and demanding eyes, making it hard not to stroke and control my bladder. Optionally you could allow me to release a small amount of Pe e (eg. in glass,on my self) and continue to hold, to make it more difficult. You notice me getting more aroused, tell me to squeeze my dick and show me to scoop any precum with my finger and lick it up while staring in your eyes. You allow me to squeeze my dick a while, and even give a countdown to cum. I have to eat the cum though, before you allow to release my bladder. After countdown, you have me eat it and keep it in my mouth. You tell me to look in your eyes, while you show me your lips/tongue and have me taste it, before swallowing. After that you’ll have me ask politely if I can release my bladder. — Please note the script is not written in stone! Love changes/twists from your end (eg when I can’t keep up the challenge) making the clip more fun/surprising. ? Prefer a sensual style clip, incl. closeups from your body/lips/tongue and some spit fetish”
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