Princess Miki - Bad Husband

Added: 20-12-2020

You are a bad husband.

If I approached you and whispered in your ear that I want to have sex with you, your wife would stop existing in that moment. You wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. I mean, I just offered you a chance to have the best sexual experience of your life, right?

I could ruin your marriage in seconds by climbing on top of you, sliding My tight pussy onto your rock hard cock… and I’m sure you’d cum in seconds, too.

But you’re smart enough to know that I don’t have to do such a ridiculous thing to ruin your marriage. Me… having sex with… you? A Woman of My caliber would never be caught deåd having sex with such mediocrity, but the thought of you being helpless to such a proposal is rather entertaining. The fact that you’re hopelessly obsessed with the impossible fantasy is wildly hilarious.

The thing is, I’ve already fucked you. I’ve fucked your brain so hard that your marriage is already wrecked. I don’t have to physically engage in sexual intercourse with you, because I’ve almost literally fucked your brains out through My conditioning. You’re having an affair with a Woman who doesn’t give a damn about you, and you love it. Your poor wife.

She’s married to a man who prefers masturbating to an impossible fantasy over real sex with a Woman who miraculously loves him. You’re lucky to be loved, and you’re wasting your marriage on all of this.

Am I evil for wrecking your marriage? Well, I never did it intentionally or actively. Your obsession did all the work for Me.

In conclusion, I’m not evil; you’re pathetic.

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