TeaseandThankYou - Mandy Marx - You Made Me Step-Daddy, Now I’m Too Much For Your Tiny Little Brain [HumiliationPOV]

Added: 21-12-2020

Get comfortable step-daddy, take your pants off, it’s not like you’re going anywhere. I know you try to act normal in front of everyone else. I’ll keep our little secret. You don’t want anyone else to know how long we’ve been doing this. We’ve become exceedingly good at not being caught or found out, haven’t we? Now, control yourself, don’t go getting worked up so fast. Once you used to train me, I’m going to train you now. Do you remember the first time I trained you? You were overexcited like you are right now, you couldn’t pace yourself. But now I have the words and the skills to train you. Slow down boy, you might be my step-daddy but you’re still just a little boy that needs a helping hand and some firm discipline. In order to achieve want you to want, you need to surround yourself with the very best people, don’t you? That’s what you always taught me. And you helped make me the very best dominatrix I could be. So let’s play a little game.

The slower you go, the more I’ll tease. The faster I’ll go and the more I’ll do all those little things you know I you like. But if you start to speed up, I’ll slow down. So you’re really going to need to think while you jerk. You’re going to need to keep your brain working and I know that gets really hard for you. See you’re already going to fast. Slow down, keep going nice and slow for me, step-daddy. If you go slow enough, I’ll let you lick my boot. I’ll let you taste it, I’ll let you clean it with your mouth.

Too fast. Slow down. Nice and slow for me and I’ll tease you with every part of my shiny body. That’s a good step-daddy. Nice and slow for me. Stare at my shiny ass and try not to go too fast. I know you’re starting to go crazy, it feels too good. But keep it slow, don’t speed up. Now look at my boots, my legs, my ass, I look amazing. Nice and slow. I know it’s hard when you see me like this. But try to be a good, obedient little boy. Keep it nice and slow as I tease you in this shiny skin-tight black outfit.

Keep going step-daddy, nice and slow. What if I gave you a little treat for doing good, step-daddy? What if for the next few days, if you can keep going slow, I’ll just say one word to you and only one word. ‘step-daddy.’ Whenever I need something I’ll just say, ‘step-daddy’. Do you think anyone will catch on? Just as long as I act normal around everyone else. No one has noticed this far, step-daddy. Step-daddy are you starting to speed up? Don’t do that! Just. Keep. Going. Slow. It doesn’t matter where I take you or what I do to you, how I abuse you, or how I play with you, just keep going slow and I’ll keep calling you step-daddy.

You can’t help it anymore, can you? You’re speeding up. You can’t help it. All of me against that tiny little brain of yours. Step-daddy why are you going so fast? Do you wanna cum for me, step-daddy? Dressed up like this? I might as well help you. I’ll show you how fast to jerk with my hands, we’ve done that before haven’t we step-daddy? Faster and faster and faster. You can cum now step-daddy. You can cum as you watch me show you how fast I want you to jerk it. Faster and faster, don’t stop and… cum for me. Good step-daddy. You might not have won your reward but you’re still my step-daddy.

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