Goddess Natalie - A Princess Xmas tease - New Year

Added: 22-12-2020

A Princess’ Xmas tease
Once a Goddess’ Christmas tree has been put up and is ready to be decorated, it is time for the fun, creative, artistic part that only a Princess like me could do. And because I know you would k*ll to get to see me decorating my Christmas tree while only wearing a tiny little hoodie and my Xmas panties, I decided to be as nice as to record the process. I might even slip out of my hoodie at some point and let my bra fall off those perfect-looking, round breasts that look just like a work of art. I might even dance around and tease the hell out of you..never know! Only one way to find out for sure, I guess! But there’s a little trick to it, as usual – since you’ll get to enjoy such a nice, hot, glamorous view of me, you won’t be allowed to cum to it! I’ll be nice enough to let you jerk off, but you will only be edging over and over again, endlessly gooning to my clip, watching it on loop before you move on to watching some other of my videos to edge some more! You won’t cum to this one, but neither to other videos of me tonight – you will save that cum in there until tomorrow, then beg for permission…and maaaaaaaaaaybeee you’ll get it!
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