Goddess Natalie - Erotically entrancing game

Added: 24-12-2020

How is my little h.y.p.n.o puppy doing today? Ready to let go of all control and allow me to dig deep inside of your mind once again? I have some games prepared for you today, and for this to go well, you’re going to need a pen, a bottle or a glass or water, a feather that you can use to tickle yourself with and your headphones on. I want you to still have all of your clothes on at the beginning of our session – that will include socks or even shoes. I want you to just find a comfortable position in which you can lie all clothed and look at me. Then just put the headphones on and allow my voice to guide you. I know you instantly become calm and comfortable whenever you hear by voice, and I want you to fully trust me today. After all, you know I wouldn’t do anything to harm you…my goal is to guide your steps and help you feel better, know your fetishes better and become a better slave for me ? P.S.: this will be a good follow-up after the anal mesmerization video, as I will also tease your ass as part of our game. Don’t worry, though, you don’t need the toys for today.
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