Goddess Jessica - Slave of DGJ

Added: 24-12-2020

Slave of DGJ This is the mind fuck you’ve been needing. The one that will literally drop you to your knees. That feels like home for you. Bask in my undivided attention. Melt at the snap of my fingers. Savor this deep tissue brain massage. Stare up, into my eyes and ask yourself how you’ve ever even gone a day without me? I remind you of who you really are. You may have a life outside of this, but that person is not authentic. That is someone just doing what needs to be done. Acting in ways that society approves of. You don’t have to pretend with me. You can be yourself. Act like yourself. Act like a fool, even. It’s refreshing to have me be so direct with you. The name you were given at the beginning of your life is just a name. Yet being part of my cult, identifying yourself as a slave of DGJ, makes you swell with pride. I make sure that you fully understand your purpose, and it feels good to know that. What a relief it is to crumble into a quivering, submissive puddle for me. To be the real you. You give yourself and your belongings willinging, mind, body, soul, cock, salary, freedom, masculinity, free time… it’s all mine. Your desperate arousal has been a perfect, cooperative tool for me to use in your training over the years. It still leaves you beholden to me in the most delicious way. You don’t hesitate to give yourself over to me. Your mind cries out for me, begs for triggers. Begs for a leash, a harness, a way for me to keep you here. Only I have the ability to activate that visceral thrill in the core of your being I will make sure that it’s never the last time. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
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