Princess Ashley - Cookie Girl Extortion Fantasy

Added: 24-12-2020

Howdy neighbor. Your wife let me in as she was leaving for Pilates class. Oh no, I'm actually not selling cookies this year. I'm too old for that haha but I AM here to take your money. I've seen the way you stare at me from across the street with those longing eyes. I bet you jerk off thinking about me all the time! I mean you're already bulging in your pants right now! Well what are you waiting for, you dirty old man, pull out your dick right now and start jerking it for me. Jerk it for my tight young body while your wife is at her Pilates class. She wont be home for at least an hour. Omg what would she do if she found out about this!?? She would lose it! Probably divorce you and take half your money. Well I guess you're going to just have to do - or should I say PAY - whatever I say so that I never show her any of these videos I recorded of you jerking right now. Haha you look so scared but you can't stop stroking for my hot little body. Keep going harder and faster and get ready to cum on command for me! Ok so back to you PAYING me - I demand a WEEKLY allowance of $500 every Friday afternoon from you delivered straight to the mailbox. No cash means I show wifey and we both know that is NOT an option for you. Guess you're like totally screwed haha! That's what you get for being a dirty man with a wandering eye...Well this was fun but I've got to get going. I've got a few more houses to hit before all the wives get back from Pilates. Oh what, HAHA did you think you were special? All the neighborhood men are going to finance my new car, my designer wardrobe AND my college tuition. I love being young and hot! Ok BYEEE.

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