Goddess Natalie - Cruel Goddess tramples your dick

Added: 28-12-2020

The weekend is here, so you don’t have to put on that fancy suit and pretend you’re in charge anymore! You can spend all day being lazy at home, not putting any clothes on and binging on my videos, like you always do. You must be really horny after this long week of not having any time for yourself, any time to jerk off. There must be such a big load of cum in your balls, that desperately needs to be released, right? Such a pity that I’m not in the mood to be nice to you and help you release today. Instead, I want to trample and c.r.u.s.h that lame-ass cock of yours, until your cock is so sore that you can’t jerk off anymore. But you’ll still spend all day and night watching more videos and getting hard and hurting, even though you can’t rub yourself anymore. I know you will. Not even me using my highest heels on your balls and dick will stop you from binging on clips. But at least I’ll get the pleasure of trampling your excuse of a cock out of it, which is one of the thing that make me happy. Along with you taking that wallet out and paying me, cause you know that’s the only thing you’ve got in your pants that could possibly impress me ?
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