Goddess Natalie - Humiliation amp CEI for ignored loser

Added: 29-12-2020

Aaaww look, yet another loser with a throbbing cock, waiting to see my beautiful, flawless body and jerk off haha ? how freaking pathetic that on a lovely, sunny Satuday, instead of being out there with your friends or meeting a girl in real life, you spend your time here, on the internet, jerking off to my clips. Oh well, I guess some guys are just not that lucky..after all, there has to be some balance in life – the alpha males wouldn’t be as interesting as they are now if there were no losers like you in the world, would they? ? And specifically because you’re such a lame-ass loser, you don’t deserve any of my attention today, so instead, you’ll get to admire my perfect ass and legs while I tan and ignore you. You should be forever grateful that at least I let you look at me instead of only giving you the audio and not allowing you to watch any other videos of mine in the meantime, either. So go ahead and thank me for this opportunity the only way a servant like you can – with a tribute, and then get ready for some humiliation and CEI. You better have a lot of cum stored in those balls of yours – like from a few good days or a week, cause I have some special tasks for you today. Oh, and because I woke up feeling mean, I sprinkled a little bit of CBT here and there, and you should have a pen nearby for some writing I’m gonna need you do to. hat way, we mix humiliation, CBT and CEI all in one amazingly hot session. Sounds exciting? Get to it!
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