Goddess Natalie - A losers NYE - New Year

Added: 02-01-2021

Finally! The last day of the year is here! Time to set goals for 2020 and kiss your girlfriend after having a sip of that champ*gne! Ooooh wait…that’s right! You don’t have a girlfriend, and you’ll be spending NYE all by yourself! Gosh, I keep forgetting that you’re a loser and nobody wants you lol ? well, I guess…since you’re all alone once again, I better give you a special NYE jerk off instructions session, right? It’s the least you deserve for being a good boy all year long and probably the only thing that could cheer you up on this day, huh? hahaha but be sure that I’m going to make it a very humiliation JOI sesh, because who the fuck spends their last minutes of the year jerking off to clips?! I want you to save this video for the very last minutes and only watch it when it’s close to midnight, then make sure that my countdown coincides with the countdown before 24:00, so that you’ll cum for me right when the brand new year begins.
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