HumiliationPOV - Valentina Fox - Goon Cult Mindwashing And Reprogramming - Let Us Give You Purpose

Added: 02-01-2021

Valentina Fox! This clip is filled with audio and visual mastery! It is designed to mindwash you and indoctrinate you into the cult of HumiliationPOV!
Hello my addicted little stroker. Are you gooning again? Spending all your time with your hand glued to your cock, pumping mindless for hot brats like me. You can’t fucking help yourself, can you? You’re already so addicted to jerking it to hot brats telling you the truth about your pathetic life and your pathetic jerkoff addiction. You know it’s a problem, but that just turns you on even more. LOL you’re so fucked. You probably haven’t even realized that you’ve been being mindwashed. You’ve been indoctrinated into the cult, the cult of the Brats of HumiliationPOV.
Yes HumiliationPOV is a cult. What? Did you think you were the only one? Did you think you were the only perverted gooner who spends all their free time jerking off to the hot Brats of HumiliationPOV? There are thousands of you. Thousands of you gooning, alone, but together, you are a part of something bigger. And you’re already a member of this cult. We’ve been planting subliminal messages from the day you joined or bought your first clip. Now there are so many gooners who are jerking all at the same time, all of you with your eyes glued to your screen and your hands glued to your cock, pumping away in unison to the Brats of HumiliationPOV.
You watch brat after brat after brat, while we destroy your ego, but more importantly, we’ve been breaking you down, implanting seeds, and indoctrinating you as a member of the cult. We’ve destroyed your sense of self, we’ve destroyed your previous misconceptions about how you should live your life, and we’ve been rebuilding you and mindwashing you into a completely different person than you were. And addicted little gooners like you can’t help but stroke to it. Some of you gooners have been being mindwashed for years and years and years. It’s so deep in you now that there is no escape, you cannot be deprogrammed.
There’s a reason why you spend night after night gooning to our videos. It’s because you can’t stop. And it’s really not your fault, we brainwashed you without your knowledge. Years and years of mindless stroking have conditioned you and turned you into a faithful member of the cult. The constant reinforcement of just how worthless you are has truly sunk in, hasn’t it? You can’t even remember when you were normal. You don’t even know how this happened to you, do you? But you do realize now that you’ve been brainwashed. You’re starting to remember that you didn’t used to be like this. But it doesn’t matter now, you can’t stop it. The programming is too deep. There are so many mindless gooners like you wasting their lives away jerking off to the Brats of HumiliationPOV.
You love being a part of our sexy cult of hot brats, don’t you? You love being obsessed with hot young brats who don’t give a fuck about you. Jerk it you mindwashed little stroker. You can’t help yourself anyway, you couldn’t stop if you tried. We’ve already taken over your brain. We run your life. We control you, we control your thoughts. You’re just another number, another mindwashed cult member. Part of a legion of stroking goons from around the world. But the truth is, you brought this on yourself, you brought yourself here. We didn’t seek you out, you came in to the cult willingly. You were just another lost lonely loser and we reprogrammed you and gave you purpose. You should be so grateful for what we’ve done with you.
You’ve joined the cult of perfect brats put on this earth to destroy you, to break you and down and rebuilt you for our benefit. Every day since the first day you found has has conditioned you more and more. Every jerk session mindwashed you even deeper. You’re so depended on our porn now that you wouldn’t know what to do without it. HumiliationPOV has become your life. How many times a day do you check it? You can’t get your dick out of your hand, can you? You’re never going to be able to stop stroking to our videos. We’ve turned you into a mindless little porn addict. Accept that you’re already a part of the cult. Embrace it. Imagine how boring your life would be without it. You need us, we saved you. Your life would be meaningless without porn.
You’re more than just an addict, you’re completely dependent on porn. You need this cult. You need to be with other gooners just like you. So many addicts stroking in unison. This is the way the world should be, men obsessing over women. This is your world, this is your life. This is your place. We’re in your head, controlling your thoughts, and you are helpless. A helpless little gooenr. We know all of your fears, all of your perversions, you can’t escape the cult. So join us or admit that you’re already a part of it. This is your purpose, you were meant to be an addicted sexless gooner for the rest of your life. There is no escape from the cult..
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